Anne Kurris is a children's clothing line from Antwerp that has been around since 1998. Anne Kurris the creator first started out as a graphic designer, so it's no wonder you find such strong graphic elements in her designs. Her collections are often influenced by pop art and nature and you can count on them being high in colors.

I am swooned by the Summer 2012 editorial shoot, taken by photographer Achim Lippoth. The colors and composition are a breath of fresh air... 

For the full collection head on over to Anne Kurris website. And if you love children's fashion & photography I urge you to check out Achim Lippoth's website... the intro is so much fun! Also, these two collaborate on one of, if not the most amazing children's magazine: Kid'sWear. So check out their website, and I know I'm going to be buying the latest issue (if I can find it here in Montreal!!!).