It's starting to feel a lot like winter here in Montreal, the temperature is starting to drop below zero... So it's no wonder I feel like buying every piece from this wonderful collection, WADDLER

Everything is hand-knitted in Bolivia with baby alpaca wool... The whole process is Eco-friendly, from the raising of the animals to the fair wages the knitters get paid. Amazing!

The collection is composed of great classics, items you'll want to pass down for generations... I'm having a hard time discerning which is my favorite piece, definetly the grey pierrot sweater for Miss E, the yellow patch jumper for Mister M and the knitted bombachos for both, but how about the llama chaleco? Oh and I love the fur! Can you beleive, real fur and environmentally friendly! And How about the colors?

It all looks oh so comfortable, soft and warm... Perfect for our cold winter months to come ahead.