Finally it's Friday... All week I kept on thinking it was Thursday, only to soon realize it was only Tuesday, and then Wednesday and finally Thursday! What a week... Can't wait for the weekend to begin.

As you will see from this Mishmash Friday list, I have Christmas on my mind... And other stuff! 

I love this yawning bear t-shirt, I'd get one for the whole family if I could: Mama bear, Papa Bear and Baby bear. Find this and other cool tees over at Graniph.

Have you seen these photos by Loretta Lux? Eery & beautiful at the same time... I really like what graphic designer Becca Clason did with the photos.

Did you get your tree yet? Perhaps you can go the ecological way and get a wooden from Wool & Stool. You can decorate these too... 

Here's a little inspiration for all the gift wrapping you'll have to do! I used to be creative and come up with fun ways to wrap up my gifts, now I always find myself doing everything at the last minute and my packaging doesn't look so great... Maybe I'll try a little harder this year! Wait, there is more over at Time of the Aquarius

Now when it comes to giveaways it doesn't get much better than this... Over at Little Scandinavian, they are doing a giveaway everyday as part of their advent calendar! And to top it off the gifts are fantastic!!! I missed the first few days, but I've been playing everyday since, fingers are crossed XX.

P.S. don't forget to enter MY giveaway too... 

I'll finish with this amazing christmas family photo from Flannery O'Kafka. I kinda wish Andrea would adopt me, so I  too could belong to the coolest family ever! I think she mights already have her hands full with her 5 kids....
Check out her blog, it always puts a smile on my face!

Have a great weekend!