I was thinking of doing some gift guides to inspire you for the holidays, but ran out of time! And as I was looking at my kids toys over the weekend, to get an idea of what they might need, I came up with this idea... Here are the toys my kids love to play with and the version I wish they had! 

"My If Only... Toy Guide" 

We love bowling, but I could really do without the Dora characters and they all fell apart anyways, we only have these two left! Doesn't make for much fun anymore...  Look how lovely this wooden set is, it comes with colors or natural. By CHIGO.  

I found this stroller at the thrift store, and I can't believe it's still standing! But have you seen this wooden one? Too cute! It's by ELVES & ANGELS and you can buy at Nova.

Mister M is is seriously into his letters and starting to spell... I love the idea of this wooden alphabet puzzle! Sure beats the foamy ones from the dollar store... I found this one at ENASCO.

Plastic and Princesses, not my favorite combos!!! However anything vintage or vintage looking is my cup of tea! How lovely is this set by Nathalie L'Été? I love anything she does and I'm so happy for this collaboration with Vilac... you can find it at Open Ceremony.

Ahh! The xylophone, a classic! The simpler the better in my opinion... However when you come across a really cool concept like PAT KIM's, then I'm all for it! How about some staking rhythm bands? I found these thanks to Kickcan & Conkers.

The shopping cart... I had a hard time choosing between these two models: KAIKU DESIGN and PLANTOYS... there both fun and great for storing stuff too!

So, I might be upgrading some of my kids toys... but is it more for me or them?