Have you heard the amazing news? KICKCAN & CONKERS has open up shop and I'm so excited!!!!

First let me tell you a little about the blog, it's by far one of my favorites, I've talked about it, referred to it on many occasions... Sometimes I feel a little bit like a stalker, I check it the minute a new post goes up, trying to never miss link. I'm always in awe with all that Deborah finds and showcases, her selection never ceases to amaze me, from modern to vintage, from fashion to toys, her taste is impeccable... And now with the online boutique we can dive into her world and actually own a little piece of it for ourselves. 

Deborah will make you travel without moving from the South of France, to England, through Poland and all the way to Japan. I just love to discover what the world has to offer through her blog and now her shop.
Expect to find the unexpected, the creative, the vintage, the new, the old, the quirky... All that for all ages.

I hope you will enjoy this little shop as much as I do ... I know I'll be checking it out often and I have a strong suspicion you'll be hearing more about Kickcan & Conkers arround here!

Don't forget to check out my virtual calendar from today, my selection happens to be from Kickcan & Conkers!