Have you heard of Curio+Kind? I just discovered this L.A./ Budapest label and yes once again, I'm in love. My mom, who reads my blog, told me the other day: "you LOVE a lot of stuff!", and it got me thinking how children's fashion has evolved so much in last 10 years! And yes I love a lot of "stuff", but believe it or not I am picky, specially when it comes to kids clothes... 
Do you believe there is a very fine line between good and bad? I do! What I love about Curio+Kind is that they are able to make faux fur, sequins, feathers and metallic foil look good... for kids!
I find their collection is perfect for the tween looking for a fashionable outfit. To bad we don't have a wedding to go to, I would have gotten a feather skirt for Miss E... By far my favorite piece of the collection.
Their graphic tees are fun and the illustrations are great. I like how they pair them with the sequins and feather skirts, it gives the outfits such a casual look. 
Even the boys get to look good...

A perfect little collection for the your little fashionistas!
Check out the website, the intro is really cool, i could refresh the page over and over! Also, I found a few items on sale at this store and you can get some of the collection here too. 

Now if you get the feather skirt, I will buy from you when your girl outgrows it...deal?