With blogging comes new adventures!
Advent calendars are kind of new to me... My mother is Jewish and my father is Protestant, however my parents got divorced when I was fairly young and since we lived primarily with my mom, my Lil Sis and I were brought up mostly with the Jewish traditions. However, every year we celebrated Christmas with my mom, my dad, the neighbors and anyone who had nowhere to go. We would decorate a tree, have a big family and friends dinner and exchange gifts. On a couple of occasion, I can remember my mom getting us a chocolate advent calendar, but not until a few weeks ago did I even know what they were called! Now, I find out some children got little gifts every day. What? So since this isn't a tradition I am used to and I didn't make one for my kids, I thought why not make a virtual advent calendar! 

Every day up until Christmas I will share with you what I would have put in Mister M's and Miss E's calendar, with all the items being under 10€... Is that too high? We'll just pretend we live in a perfect world, where money is no object and shipping rates don't apply!!!

Here we go, 24 days till Christmas...
Both these gifts are vintage toys from FERSE VERSE,  a really great little shop with some cute little treasures...
For Mister M: the gliding bird.
For Miss E: the paper fan. 

P.S. these would make great Stocking stuffers, Hannuka presents or even awesome Party favors...

Come back tomorrow for more!