Do you live in a small apartment in the city? I do, it's not crazy small but it's not big either. Each kid has his and her room, we have a connected dining and living room, a smallish kitchen, it's not big enough for a table, and we have a tiny bathroom. That being said our kids play in every room of the apartment, we have toys everywhere! Do I wish to live in the Suburbs? Never say never, right? How about, I would rather not, unless I was by the beach in some exotic country with unlimited access to a city near by and the Internet!!! I'm a city girl, always have been! So you can imagine my excitement when I saw MY SPACE a cardboard folding play area by designer Liya Mairson.
My Space is intended for children from age 3-6, although i could see my 2 year old have a blast! It's light weight and easy enough for a kid to manipulate on his own, it folds up and is easy to store away under bed or behind a door. It can be played with in many different configurations, letting the imagination lead the way. It's also entirely recyclable. NICE.
In my opinion this is the ultimate urban playroom. Now why isn't it being produced yet? I was so bummed out when I found out it was in the development stages and was going to be produced shortly... Soon enough I hope, before Mister M and Miss E outgrow the playhouse phase and I'm pretty sure the back of one door isn't filled up yet!
Look how cute it is with colors! You could customize your white one as well, let the kids paint or draw on their walls... I wonder how much My Space will go for? I'll keep you updated.
Liya Mairson has some interesting products on her portfolio website as well, I really enjoyed her DIY section... I might try a thing or two!

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