This week was full of emotions! It was Mister M 4th birthday and I am so proud of him, he's become such a sweet boy. It has taken a lot of hard work, but I think it's paying off. He is much calmer, much more attentive and understanding, (tear) he is all grown up!
Also, this week I was featured, amongst some of my all time favorite bloggers, in one of the best children's online magazine, La Petite. Oh! The emotions...
Last, the whole family was sick, except for me, and juggling young kids, gastro, sleepless night and work is not something I want to be doing often! On top of it, I might have a herniated disk, and the pain is killer...
But still I was inspired and uplifted by my blogger friends! Thank you! Here is what caught my eye this week...
The first photo is from La Petite, I just can't get enough of this little girl, she is simply beautiful. And that coat by Mini Rodini is awesome.
I just discovered this great photographer Monica Elena. Thanks for sharing Little Scandinavian!
Le Dans La is one of those blogs that makes me dream... I think I might have to copy this little outfit for Miss E!
There is something about this illustration that I love, I saw it via Petitevanou which is always full of inspiring rooms... This reminds of some illustrations in a book I own called Drop Dead Cute. I would love to hang this in Miss E's room.
I discovered this great online store called Zoe De Las Cases via Lait Fraise Magasine, another favorite of mine!
I hope you have great weekend. Check out Monday's post for an easy DIY project!