Are you going through a collar craze? I know I am, I'm loving this new little trend that makes everything look oh so pretty. I'm not sure which I prefer, the peter pan, the Mao, the cape, the tie?  
Well Last night, I happen to check out Clara de Paris and was delighted to see this really great little line they carry: Les Enfantines. The collection is so simple yet so brilliant! 
Basically they offer basic cashmere sweaters with basic shapes and colors, but where it gets interesting is that they sell a variety of collars in different colors and shapes, and where it gets brilliant is that you can interchange your collars onto your basic sweater to make it unique and different every time! Now why didn't I think of that! 

You'll want to check out all the other great french designers Clara de Paris carries, the selection is great! Also, get 20% off in honor of Black Friday, starting today... What are you waiting for, this shop is a great place to get your little ones some holiday outfits!