La Petite Magazine, you probably know it by now, I've bragged about it on several occasions! It's one of my favorite online children's fashion & design magazine. Issue no 6 just came out and once again they cease to amaze, with every new issue comes better, more striking photo shoots and content.
What I love in this particular number was all the inspiration... It makes me want to dress my kids better, take better photos of them, decorate their rooms with more attention, it makes me want to be that much more creative. And if that isn't enough, I want to travel to where the mountains are and for my kids to have lot's of freckles with gorgeous red hair.... Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Their is so much much to discover in La Petite, new cool brands, some amazing tips to make your kids rooms extra special and even some fun, easy DIY tutorials (no sewing machine required). Guess which one I'm thinking of trying out?

All theses photos are just to get you in the mood... So, Grab a cup of coffee, get into a comfortable chair and get ready to be amazed.

Turn to page 244... Do you recognize anyone?

I was thrilled to be asked by Rachelle Wilde, the editor in chief, to contribute to the Gift Guide. I am so honored to be featured with such amazing and talented bloggers... I'm still blushing! So please, pretty please have a closer look at mine and everyone else's pick, you won't be disappointed...