It's been a while since I've done a tutorial around here, so I thought I would share with you this really easy moon t-shirt with an iron on transfer. Actually, I made one for Mister M's birthday gift, he is going through a "planet and astronaut" phase, so I thought of making him a t-shirt with a moon on it... It was a big hit, he loved it! So, I then decided to make another for Miss E, I made hers a little more glitzy and added some foil lettering... and I took some pics along the way!

What you will need:

- T-shirt, preferably Pre washed, non-stretch, 100% cotton.

- Ink Jet printer & Computer

- Iron On T-shirt Transfer paper

- Scissors

- Iron

- Foil paper... for extra sparkle if you want!


The first thing I did was Google the word "Moon", I went to images and then selected "large"(on left) for better resolution. I hesitated between a full moon and a not so full...


Once I selected my image I played around with it in Photoshop... I removed the black background and scale my moon to the size I wanted, which was as big as my transfer paper aproximatly 8"x 8". If you are doing this for a baby you might want to shrink it a little! If you don't have a photo editing program, no worries I've supplied a PDF file where you will just be able to print the moon on your printer.


When choosing your Transfer Paper, you will have two choices: 1 for light colored t-shirts and 2 for dark colored t-shirts. There are a few differences you should be aware of, for the light colored tees any white in your image will come out at transparent and you will probably have to print your image in "mirror image" or flip horizontally (to be sure read the instructions carefully). On dark color t-shirts any white in your design will come out as white and you will most probably have to print you image as you see it.

 There are different companies that make the Iron-On Transfer paper, I've only used the Avery kind and frankly I love it! PLEASE read the instruction carefully with whichever company you use, they might differ from mine a little!



Since I used the Light T-Shirt iron on Transfer paper, I had to flip my image...

 If your doing it on a Black T-shirt than I recommend getting the Dark transfer paper, or else their will not be enough contrast in your moon.

Now I've also included the PDF format, so all you have to do is download the image and print it! No photoshop or editing to do!

Print your image onto your Transfer Paper.

Cut out you moon, as close to the edge as you can...

Get your t-shirt...

For best results, I recommend 


 it first as the t-shirt might shrink but not the transfer paper! That's what happened to Mister M's t-shirt, however I kinda like the effect, it gives the moon a rugged texture... good thing it was the moon and not my moms face!!!!

Also, a 


 nor Non- Ribbed t-shirt will give better results, only because the transfer paper will crack as the t-shirts stretches. Apparently now you can get Iron Paper for stretch T-shirts... I haven't tested it out yet!

Don't forget to 


 yout t-shirt out... make it nice and smooth.

Now we are ready to place the moon in the center of the T-shirt face down and iron it. You should have your iron on the hottest setting and press down hard onto your image, try not to move your iron  across the design to avoid any shifting. Follow the instructions that come with the paper, they are nice and clear!


 Wait for everything to cool down down, and pull the the paper away SLOWLY. If you see that some of the image is ripping or not coming off properly, than you didn't heat it up enough with the iron. Don't panic just put the transfer paper back down and iron it again. Your iron can never be to hot!


do not discard the paper you just peeled off, we will need it later.

TADA... Your Done!

Now you want to add a little pizazz! Let's add some foil paper...


 To write "to the Moon and Back" I used a


called Unfold from

Büro Destruct

. You can download it for free on their website...


 and write something else or I've provided a PDF with the text...

I printed my words in reverse so I could then trace them onto my foil...

About Foil paper... I used the

Simply Screen

Kind which I found at Wallmart. What I am going to do with the foil is not a "traditional" use of the paper, but works great! I've used Transfer paper and Foil together before in my 

Heart Tunic

 for Miss E...


 Cut out all you letters...


Trace them on your foil paper...


Cut out your foil paper... I choose the silver color!


Place your words (right side up) onto your moon...


Cover with the paper from the moon you previously peeled off and IRON... just press, be very careful not to move the foil.

TADA... NOW you are really done!



that the colors of your image might change after you wash it... I washed Mister M's t-shirt and the moon become slightly more greenish (as you can see from the grey t-shirt above). It's still pretty cool! Sometimes mistakes make for better design... And don't ever iron directly onto your image, you WILL ruin it! Who iron t-shirts anyways?

We would love to see what you made... come Upload your photos on our

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" us while you are at it!