I loved this photo by Joanna Paterson, and with Halloween approaching I think I was attracted by the masks and decided this photo would be my starting point and inspiration for the outfits of the week...

For the Boys:
1. Wolf mask from Amazon, 2. Fur hat by Petit Nord at Smallable, 3. Finger In the Nose aviator leather jacket at LFG, 4. Jacquard knit sweater from Stella McCartney kids, 5. Plaid shirt from Zara, 6. Bobo Choses knit scarf at Monkey and the Bug 7. Esp. No1 jeans at Sweet Williams 8. Classic English suede booty by StarRite.

For the Girls
1. Rabbit mask from Amazon, 2. Chunky knit hat by Rockafellar from i dream elephants, 3. Grey coat at Zara, 4. Scotch & Soda cut-off gloves at Sienna loves Kai, 5. Mustard Miller sweater with elbow patches at Elias & Grace, 6. White patent leather colar by Simonetta, 7. Rabbit Dress by Muchacha at LFG, 8. BodeBo colorful tights at Vestiaire de Jeanne, 9. Red suede shoes by Anniel at Smallable.

Which is your favorite piece?