Another week went by, and it was a little quieter around here! Maybe it's the colder weather that has slowed everything and everyone down... Nonetheless, I kept busy ad here are my new found loves!

The art above ( found via Miss Moss) says it all... Unfortunately, I don't get breaks every day... This week was a good one and I got many which means lot's of things to share today and in the coming weeks!!!

You know how much I love Wovenplay, right? And I absolutely love Katelyn Mooney works, she sure can style a kids photo-shoot! So put the two together and you get serious awesomeness...

WOVENPLAY from papier mache magazine on Vimeo.

How awesome is this cube hideaway? The best thing is that it fits in your pocket! It's the most portable playhouse ever... It's not intended for small kids, just the big ones like me! Actually, it was intended for the MOMA and is only a prototype... Too bad! "Basic House" by Martin Azua.

Have you heard? Wool and The Gang has a range of knitting kits for kids now, it was about time! I'm loving this chunky striped sweater. And check out the scarf in action in this cute video by Jake Davis on Vimeo.

What do you spy with your little eye? Get your free download of this 19th century print here...

Have you ever seen a cuter golden tiara? Well now you can make the same by following this tutorial.... This blog has the best tutorials... SERIOUSLY.
It's in Spanish, but who cares... Use google translate !
Have a great weekend everyone... I'll be busy making Mister M's and Miss E's costumes, I might attempt at making a little something for me as well! And I have two pumpkins to carve... So much fun! See ya Monday... ( photo via here)