Friday already? I think i had a good week, i wrote a post everyday, I haven't done that in a while and I did my first guest post ever (i was very nervous). Unfortunately, because of all this, i kinda neglected all the blogs i usually read... So sorry! But i did catch up last night and here are a few of the things I liked:
The Unicorn photo (above) was found via Hello Tiger... Just a little more Halloween inspiration!
This Mina Perhonen sweater for Miss E and the dress for me... We could do a mother-daughter matching outfit!
I'm not usually a big Ralph Lauren fan, but I find their style fits real well with this falls varsity trend for the boys... I'm loving this jacket for Mister M! Did you know that The Bay carried RL for kids and they have an online store... P.S. Most of the items are already on sale and the prices are good!
How cute are these handmade cupcake stamps? So many possibilities! Love it... By Etsy seller Memi The Rainbow.
Need I say more? These would be great with that new little heart dress I made her last week, remember? These are on sale as well, and come in many other colors. Did I mention they come in big sizes too... Now Miss E and I can really match! Take a look what Albert et Henriette have for you...
How about a little DIY inspiration... Perhaps your daughter has a doll she could spare! I love this blog, Dos Family, these girls are always full of ideas and they have a great sense of humor... Thank you!
Buy your art wall here!