I have so much I 'd like to share with you this week... Hopefully I'll have time for it all! Don't forget I'll be sewing clothes for my kids for at least an hour every day this week, I'm so excited! I'll be sharing the progress on my Facebook Page, if you want to follow along! For more details on that, check out the Elsie Marley website!
As for today, I wanted to tell you about the Kiehl's skin care products. So perhaps you might have noticed from my Facebook page that I was invited to the 160th birthday event that Kiehl's was hosting in their cute little shop on St-Catherine, right here in downtown Montreal. Did you even know their was such a store here? I've know about Kiehl's for a long time, I remember going to NYC with some friends, when I was younger, and every time we went for a visit we had to make a stop in their little shop.
I had no clue the company had been around for so long! 160 years! It's no wonder! Their products are great... If you know me a little, then you probably know that I am low maintenance: I don't wear make-up, I hardly comb my hair ( it's usually in a ponytail), I go to the hairdressers maybe twice a year, I don't get my nails done, I don't even wash my face. However, I just learnt form the Kiehl's experts, that it's better not to wash your face, than to wash it with only water or worse soap....
That isn't the only thing I learnt at this party, one of the skin care expert, Sophie, asked me some questions about my skin and then recommended a bunch of products (see photo above)! Now I have 5 easy steps to follow every night and then only 1 in the morning... I can live with that! One of the steps requires me to wash my face with a cleansing foam, just so you know I now wash my face every night! So I gave it a try and I KID YOU NOT after just a couple of days, people were giving me compliments, telling me I looked good and rested, they where asking me what i did differently... Seriously I was shocked! I changed nothing else, I didn't even get more sleep (too bad). Even Daddy Cool made a comment and said I was glowing, he then asked me if they had men's products. Guess what? They do, they have a whole range of creams, cleansers, soaps... Amazing! Guess what he's getting for Chrismukkah!
What I really wanted to talk about is their BABY collection. They don't have much: a cleansing milk, a body wash, a moisturizing cream, a diaper rash ointment, and a lip balm, basically all the essentials. These baby products have just been reintroduced, they changed their formulas and have had the whole range pediatrician tested to minimize allergies, as well as ph-balanced and sensitivity tested for daily use. The ingredients are gentle and the fragrances are mild and soothing.
My little Miss E has extremely sensitive skin and suffers from eczema, so I have to be careful with what I put on her skin. Funnily enough, my pediatrician has recommended I give her a bath every 2-3 days because the water can be harmful and harsh on her skin. After every bath, I use the Kiehl's moisturizing cream, and I love it! It's a little pricey (22$), but it's nice and thick without being greasy, so you don't need as much! I wish they made one more product: a sunscreen, that's the one product that is hard to find without any bad chemicals in it... Khiel's are you reading? Just a suggestion!
So now I'm going to have to readjust my budget to include beauty products too! Maybe I should look into getting a second job. Do you think they'll hire a 35 year old mom of 2 with good skin as a stripper? They make good money. I could work after I've read my children their bedtime stories and kissed them good night!!!!

Here's a little video on how Kiehl's got started... Happy 160th!