So Halloween is just around the corner and I still don't know what Miss E is going to wear. She does have plenty of costumes she already plays with and could wear... Since Mister M very well knows what he wants to dress as, and I'll be making it, I thought it would be nice to make Miss E something special too! Now, I could go onto Martha Stewart or some other DIY website and find a tutorial, but where's the fun in that!!!! Just kidding, I'm keeping those for another day...

Seriously, kids magazine and children's photography these days are full of inspiration from the styling to the makeup & hair and the photo shoots too. Here are a few that have caught my eye, and might just be the solution to my problem!

These were taken by Hannah Scott Stevenson for Papier Mache magazine.
Need I say more?  

Photos by Sergi Pons for Vogue Ninos... I love the hair and the boat on the little girls head!
Marie-Antoinette would be proud. 
Artist Sarah Illenberger created these for Nido Magazine. I'm not sure which I like best!!!

These are all covers of Small Magazine, an online children's magazine always full of inspiration...

Stephanie Rausser is a photographer, I love her pictures they always have some great humor to them...

Vee Speers is also a photographer, these are a little dark but so stunning...
you should check out the rest of the series, it's very interesting
I know Mister M already has his costume, or should I say almost, but how cute would he be looking like this!

Unfortunately I found this photo a long time ago on Tumblr and don't have the source, so if you know where it's from please let me know!