The kids are sleeping, Daddy Cool is out with his buddies and I am taking this little moment in my hectic week to share some pics of Miss E & Mister M.

It was Miss E's first day at daycare and Mister M's first day in the "Big Kid" section of the daycare with his new teachers.
I had everything prepared the night before... and have been doing the same every night since!
Do you prepare you kids outfits the night before as well?
 They both wore Jeans, a T-shirt with a Cardigan and some Running shoes. I didn't want to over dress them and I wanted them to feel like it was just the same as any other day...
Mister M is wearing a Zara t-shirt, some H&M jeans (their my favorite), an American Apparel light weight cardigan and some Roos running shoes. The khaki backpack is from Joe Fresh.

Miss E is wearing a H&M t-shirt and jeggings, with a J Crew cardigan (did you notice the neon stripes!) and some Addidas sneaks. The lady bug backpack was from HomeSense.

About Miss E's first day... We dropped Mister M off first, he was so happy about his new class and still is! And then we headed over to Miss E's classroom... at first, she walked in like she owned the place, when I told her I was leaving she said "O.K. see you later" and gave me a kiss and a hug. All the other parents couldn't believe it! So could I! So I left her and spied on her through the door window. It wasn't long, about 10 minutes later, that some kid grabbed the doll she playing with and then it was all downhill. The tears and the crying, and the sad sad face. She broke my heart... I had never seen her so sad. In the end I was the last mom to leave the classroom, and still she cried some more... She had an o.k. day. I picked her up a little earlier than Mister M and we spent some time at my mom's.  Miss E was being so silly and funny, I think she had been so quiet during the day that she completely let go and let loose at my mom's. She was tooooo cute!

Day 2, she cried just a little and was a little more chatty...

Day 3, today, she had a blast, they had music this morning and Miss E really enjoyed it. She was jumping around and being silly when I got there. I even got there too early to her liking, she wanted to play some more, so I waited in the hallways till she was ready to go!!! 

And every time I pick her up now she says "you came back mom, you came back" and if we mention the daycare she say "I didn't cry mom, I won't cry mom"! 

I think she is going to love it...

As for me, well I started my new job on Tuesday... Oh! how I miss my kids!!!! and my I-Pad!!!