Scotch and Soda. It doesn't get any funkier! S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y.

So now that you've all bought your Mini & Maximus t-shirts, you have got to get an outfit from Scotch & Soda, and your kid will be the coolest, trendiest, most stylish kid in the playground without being ridiculous, just plain cool!

Scotch & Soda was first a men's collection, they've been around since the 80's and now it has 5 different division, something for the whole family!

The Boys division is called Scotch Shrunk (they have a men's line too). There isn't much to say expect that it doesn't get much better than this! This might be one of my favorite Boys collection ever... I love the street-wear and casual look, everything looks sooo comfortable too. I think Mister M could totally pull off this look, don't you? What little boy couldn't?

And the girls are little Scotch Re'Belle... I love the colors & the details. The touch of vintage mixed with the boyish look is lovely. I'm not sure which look I like best! I would totally dress like this and so should Miss E....

And now for the good news: Scotch & Soda is available in Montreal @ Toto n Dot.... YEAHHHHH!