I first came across the surprise ball over at this blog, and It was love at first site... If anyone ever wanted to get me a great gift, this would be at the top of my list and you can order them here!

Seriously, I had so much fun doing these party favors. I made 9 surprise balls in total, for both boys and girls between the ages of proximately 2 up to age 9... so you probably guesses, the content varied from ball to ball. I had fun shopping at flea markets, dollar stores, craft stores and the super market. I could totally do this for living!!!

Here is Mister M unravelling his ball... he had a lot's of fun!

Everyone got:
- a keychain
- a zipper pull (made by moi)
- some sugar free candy
- a lollipop (I tried to make my own but failed miserably!) with a mustache or big lips prop
- a wooden train
- some fish confetti 
- a heart shape sticker 
- a fish necklace or heart  bracelet (made by moi)
- a marshmellow necklace (idea from here)
- a ball
- some Tatly tattoos (the coolest tattoos ever check it out here)
- a vintage doll (for the younger kids only!)
- a vintage fabric brooch made by me (for the girls only)
- a "thank you" or "merci" mini bunting made (by me) from washi washi tape.
Mister M got a "fart" whistle thingy, and both Miss E and Mister M got a fake mustache...
I had many more ideas, but ran out of time! I'll keep those in mind for the next time...

Here's a close up of the zipper pull... I painted some small toy animals, then I added a screw and voila! I was inspired by The Good Machinery , check out their Esty store here.

Thank you! Merci a toutes nos copains et copines et nos familles...

Here is what Miss E got... hers was a little extra special! She got some extra vintage finds, like the three little ceramic bunnies, the plastic swan, the wooden cup, the cool sunglasses & the cute picture frame brooch.

And I couldn't throw out those paper pompoms and flowers, so look where they ended up... In Miss E's room.