As you might already know we celebrated Miss E's second birthday 2 weekend ago (already!) and I promised to share some pictures... So sorry I don't have many, I was busy making lattes and masks and forgot about taking photos (especially some that would be suitable for the blog!) It was a small party with our close friends and family, in our small apartment. I had a great time and so did Mister M and especially Miss E. I think she was a little overwhelmed, but she still talks about it. I guess it made an impression on her... and she sings "happy birthday"to herself at least once a day!

Here are a few things you might not know about me: I'm an over achiever and a procrastinator. I'm not sure how does two characteristics add up, all I know is that the more time I have the more I do, so maybe it's a good thing I wait to the last minute, or I would do too much! I did quite a bit for this party... At first I wanted to do a thematic birthday party, I was thinking Alice in Wonderland tea party or a woodland party or just to do a color theme or or or... But then I came to the conclusion that Miss E was too little and that we had to many different age groups to please, so I opted for a good old "regular" birthday. In reality it ended up being what I call a Pinterest party, only because I got all of my inspiration and "how to" from my absolute favorite website!

Miss E wore her Wovenplay moth suit and ribbon leggings. She was also wearing a small tiara, I am not sure how she ended up with that straw hat and mandolin! But she sure is rockin' it!!!!

We rearrange the apartment a little... I decorated our dinning room with some crepe ribbon and hung some paper flowers, paper pompoms and balloons from the chandelier. I also decided I wanted the party to be high in color with gold accents... For the paper pompom/flowers go here.

We set up a small table in the living room so the kids could color some masks that I had precut from white cardboard.... Their were a few models to choose from and a variety of different ribbons they could  use for the closure. The smallest and biggest children participated, I was particularly pleased when Mister M wanted to make one as well, he isn't the craftiest of kids! This idea came from here.

We had a lovely brunch with bagels (if you've never had Montreal bagels, you don't know what you've been missing!), cream cheese and lox. I made bite size spinach quiches and a mini bocconcini and tomato salad. We had mini croissants, pain au chocolats, baguette and cheese. My in laws made crepes which we served with jam and Nutela. We had fruits. We had cafe au lait. I made cheese cake pops (from here), but couldn't get my chocolate to melt properly, so I kind of improvised. And of course we had pink layered cake (inspired by here)!!! I am not a baker, so the strawberries were not part of the plan at first, but when the top layer broke into four pieces, I had to fill in the cracks... whip cream and strawberries did the trick! 
We sang Happy Birthday and Mister M blew out the candles... I also made the candle holder (inspired by this).

Miss E got spoiled... I didn't get a chance to thank everyone yet, hopefully you are reading this! THANK YOU!!!

Then everyone left... With a surprise ball and a shadow puppet, as well as a balloon. No party is complete without a balloon, Miss E got a super duper gold 2 (see photo above)!

If you are dying to know what was in these surprise balls, come back here tomorrow!!!!