"Celebrate what you want to see more of", Thomas J. Peters

I'm not sure I need to say much today... I only wish Miss E was big enough to take ballet classes, so then I would have a great excuse to get her one of these Soft Gallery owl leotards! Couldn't Miss E wear one of these at our nightly dance parties? In L-O-V-E.

For this fall, Soft Gallery was inspired by "The Ballet Russes". 

Soft Gallery enjoys collaborating with different artist to create their collection and with every new season comes new collaboration. This fall was no different, all these artist contributed to the elaboration of the Ballet Russes collection: Fontaine Anderson, Anne Lindberg, Nacho Gill, Mikka, Louise Boye, Kristine Mandsberg, Rafaela de Campos.

The graphics, details and embroidery are spectacular. I really like the way they use silkscreening with just a touch of embroidery on some styles. Clever!

New this fall at Soft Gallery is their"basic" collection of two tone jersey items, in their classic muted colors...

Do you love what you see? These styles also come in baby and woman sizes...
The home page of their website has a really sweet video... so check it out!
For the full collection, photos, campaign and whatnot go here...

Now I haven't talked much about my new job... I'll just say that I now have access to an embroidery machine. If I could just figure out how to work it better! AHHH! The possibilities!