Tonight is the first Hockey game of the season and my little family is so excited! Maybe I should precise that it's not even an actual game, just a pre-season game! That's how crazy we get about hockey around here... And it's not just Daddy Cool, it's Mister M, Miss E and me as well! I won't miss a game, I listen to hockey radio in the car, I try to stay up to date with all the stats and what not... The kids get so excited when they hear the hockey theme song on the t.v., Mister M starts running all over the place and then we all wear our jerseys and sing the national anthem. I know we are crazy!!!

Now do the kids love hockey or did we get them into believing they love it? How cute is this tee?

They make them up to size 24m and they have lot's of other sports to choose from...check it out here! I just enrolled Mister M for skating classes this morning, how cute would it be if I made him one of these for his 1st class!

Does your family have a sport or team they go bananas for? Go Habs Go!!!