What do you think of leggings for your little boys, or perhaps I should say not so little boys? I'm thinking for your 4 year olds and up... Mister M will soon be 4, and I'm not quite sure if He could pull off the look! Or perhaps, I'm just too worried about what others might think... I know I shouldn't care, I don't usually, but I wouldn't want him to get bullied or laughed at! I'm pretty sure, we wouldn't be having this discussion if I lived in Europe!

American Apparel has a new pair of what they call "thermal" leggings, so they aren't your typical Lycra, stretchy tights, they are a little thicker and a bit more loose. Also, they seemed to be mainly for boys, most of the pictures on the website, besides one other, was of this cute boy you see here.

So do you think they are a HIT, a MISS, or are you just like me and are ON THE FENCE? Let me know by clicking on the buttons/word just below. Or leave a comment.... You might just sway me in one direction or another!

Ummmm, the more I look at the pictures, the more I like the look...

Just in case you haven't seen this video, check it out. Mister M and Miss E love it, you should see them try to do the same thing! Sweet!