If you've been following me on my blog, then you already know that I have been back to work, but did you realize that it's been 4 weeks already! Perhaps you've noticed that I am getting better organized and have been blogging a little more, especially in the past week.
What you don't know is that in the past I used to read a lot of other blogs, my daily routine was to wake-up and while I had my morning coffee I would read. While Miss E napped, I would read. Whenever I had a chance I would read.... Now my time is limited, but there are those blogs I just can't help but read and I try my best to check them out daily!
Here's what I liked from my absolute favorite blogs this week!
First, I'd like to wish all of my readers a Shana Tova! It's the Jewish New Year this week... So you should check out this really cute Israeli brand at Paul et Paula, one of my favorite daily reads! Check out Peggy's online store too, she has some really cute handmade (by her) items that I am sure you will love...
I am always so excited to see what Deborah of Kickcan & Conkers is going to come up with next... This week you should check out this home. It is such an inspiring space... If only I could trust my children not to draw on the sofa or the walls or the floor or or or....
I am so happy I stumbled upon Small for Big months ago, I love Mari's selection. This week she made me discovered the coolest online store with a great boys selection, now that's rare! I get my second pay check this week and I think I might spend some of it here!
So I don't just read kiddy blogs... I love, love, love Miss Moss, check out her moodboard... I love that Diana is from South Africa and that summer is just starting there, she brightens up my grey days with her summery posts!
I'll have more blog love next week, in the mean time...
Happy reading and have a great weekend!