I have to say I am really impressed with the Zara for kids fall campaign... The colors and the styling are ever so inspiring, I especially like the vintage inspired pieces, it makes me want to buy everything! I usually like to talk about smaller, indie designers, but the honest truth is that I usually end up buying most of my kids clothes from Zara and occasionally H&M and thrift shops. Honestly, it's what I can afford, and most of the Kids designers I really love aren't available in Quebec, and when they are, via online shopping, the shipping costs are usually more than the actual clothing! Kuddos to Zara! I find that with every season passing, Zara outdoes itself, they really have a knack for picking up on the latest trends. Look how stunning this photo-shoot is, so simple yet so compelling!!! Word of advice for this fall/winter: COLOR, COLOR, COLORS! Love it!