There is nothing I like more than dressing up, and I'm not talking about getting up in the morning and putting on a pair of jeans, I'm talking about costumes... I love that my kids are at that age where they want to wear costumes out and I'm all for it! When the daycare decides to do a theme day, I take it SERIOUSLY! This summer Mister M has had two different themes he's had to dress up for at daycare, the first was "Color Week" and his class was assigned the color red... check it out! I even looked for some red underwear, but failed! If there had been a prize I think he would have won...
Then this friday, the daycare had a Hawaiian theme going on. My first reaction was "oh no! We don't own anything Hawaiian besides a ukulele!" I dug a little and asked Daddy Cool if he thought Mister M could wear a bathing suit to school all day (I wasn't not sure how comfortable those would be!) and we added a few details here and there... Mister M insisted on wearing his 3-D glasses, he said they were cool!
Miss E wanted to dress up too, she didn't take these off until bedtime!
And remember how I promised Mister M I would make him a sword, well I always keep a promise... I was going to make a tutorial out of it for the blog, I took out my camera and took some shots, but as the project progressed I realized that my sword wasn't going to be tutorial material and that I'd better stick to sewing! The kids loved and still love their swords, Mister M was so excited that he wanted to go to the park all dressed up... So we did!

Miss E didn't have a cape, so I took one of my scarfs and tied it to her t-shirt with some brooches... she was very happy! I think I'm going to have to make her cape pretty soon!
Miss E's sword is just about as tall as her... She handles it like a champ!

I googled "sword clipart" and Mister M choose the design he wanted...  then I used carboard, duck tape and plastic tape, all things we had in the house!