Since I've been on the topic of family life this week I wanted to share with you what we typically do on sundays... A visit to the Atwater Market, a farmers market open all year round in the downtown area of Montreal. We always start of with some breakfast, cafe au lait and croissants, and then the fun begins... The whole family loves it there!
Mister M and Miss E love walking trough the market and discovering all the fruits and vegetables...
We can never go through the market without buying some type of fruit, they are always so tempting...
The kids love walking on the train tracks and collecting rocks to throw into the canal.
Daddy Cool and I enjoy sitting by the water while the kids run in the grass or wave hello to the boats passing by... Mister M and Miss E really enjoy running after the pigeons, and once we saw this pigeon walking around as it was laying an egg... the kids were in awe and so were we!
In the summer, the kids like a game of chess... it's a fun way to teach them about the game, especially with the extra large board!
So if you are visiting Montreal or from Montreal but never been to the Atwater Market, I strongly suggest you check it out... You can go kayaking or boating on the canal, have a picnic by the water, go for a long bicycle ride on the bike path, eat some really good food or just chill and have lot's of fun. And if you see me... pleaaaaase come say hello!!!!