Are you into Antiques? Or perhaps just a scavenger? I love to go through a house full of little treasures and finding that little something special... Maine is a great destination for Antique shopping, there are over 400 shops to discover. On our trip to Ogunquit, we ended up visiting only 3 and blew our budget! We drove along Route 1 from the Kittery up to Wells, it's a good thing we started late or else who knows how many more we could have check out and spent! Most shops close at 5PM and some are only opened weekends! There many different directories you can check out and many of these stores have websites or facebook pages. If you are going along Route1, as we did, this little Map is quite useful.

The first place we checked out is Blacksmith's Mall. This shop is right in the center of Ogunquit and has 65 different dealers, so you are bound to find a little something for everyone!
Child Kimono from the 20's
Simple child blouse with cute detail on the sleeves.
I'm not sure if I will dye it or keep it as is! I might let Miss E wear
it and when it gets stained, I'll dye it then...

This little number has the sweetest puff sleeves and light blue piping around the collar and sleeves. I think I'll leave it as is, for Miss E to wear!
Two hand knitted bear sweaters... I think I might have to make some dolls to fit in them!
Mister M found this vintage little plane on his treasure hunt.
Next we drove to this amazing 2 story little house, filled with antiques and collectibles of all kinds. I am so upset I can't remember the name, I will try to find somehow! Mister M & even Miss E enjoyed the experience. There were so many nooks and crannies, I'm sure we could have spent a lot more time in there, but Miss E had already broken a small chandelier! The owner was impressed by our honesty, she didn't charge us for the accident... She told us most people just don't say anything!
I think Daddy Cool wanted to bring back a little bit of the nautical feel to our home! We had a total of 3 hand carved fisherman, but these were intended as gift and we only have this one left (still waiting to meet up with his new owner!).
I love this toy ladder and so does Miss E.
I think it would make a great jewelry Display...

Look what Mister M found... A vintage Tonka Truck!
How beautiful is this made in japan vintage child's collar.
I can't wait to see how Miss E will wear it...
Daddy Cool found this tiny little man, looks like he is ready to travel around the world!
Hope he like his new home amongst all our books...
What can I say about this sweet vintage wool & fur coat...
Well, I'm sad that Miss E will soon outgrow it!!!!
If you love antique and vintage fashion, lace, hats, shoes, linens and more, then you must stop by The Vintage Cottage at Provence Cottage Antiques, in Wells. But hurry because they are moving to Florida! I bought some things last year and was just soooo excited to go back...
The hand embroidered details on this dress are simply beautiful...
This dress won't fit Miss E for while... I'm just going to have to find a place for it in the mean time
These antique lace cuffs are going to make a great embellishment on one of MY t-shirts.
The other 2 would make a great collar for Miss E! 

I just love this dress... the lace is so delicate and the embroidered details are stunning.
This dress needs a lot of mending, but it is so inspiring. I don't think Miss E will ever be able to wear it, as it is too delicate, but I might try to make her something similar!

 So do you also shop with a limited budget? And are you good at keeping it within that budget? It's a good thing we do, because we always go over budget, but it keeps us in check!