I'm back, after a two week vacation, I am relaxed, well rested and ready! Ready to share my amazing two weeks off. It's crazy how much I have to show you and so much I want to share with you... so this weeks theme is Mishmash, just because there's no real connection with all that I want to blog about!

The first week of my vacation, Part 1, was a week at the beach in Ogunquit Maine. Daddy Cool and I have been going for 5 years now, and we are pretty sure that this was our last time. Not because we don't love it, if not we wouldn't have gone 5 times, just because it's time to try something new... So you ask, why Ogunquit? For many reasons, first it's one of the closest beach by the sea to Montreal, it about a 5 hour drive. Secondly, the beach is beautiful and kid friendly... the sea forms these kind of mini ponds where the children can swim and play. Actually, the small town of Ogunquit is great for families and very welcoming! Last, the shopping is amazing!!!! So what did we do for 6 days, we went to the beach, we ate lot's of ice cream, we went to the pool ( I can't believe I don't have one picture), we shopped and we even went to the Zoo...
So here is my little guide of things you must do when visiting Ogunquit, with the kids of course!!!

First you must go to the beach.... If you are lucky enough all of your kids will love it as much as Mister M did! He had so much fun jumping in the waves,  surfing with his new board, and digging giant wholes with his dad, so big they created stair to climb out and a slide to go in. Miss E on the other hand is not a big fan of all things related to water! She preferred played in the sand and loved running after the birds... I went into the water for the first time in 5 years, the water was a little warmer this years (14 freezing degrees Celsius!) It's a good thing these mini ponds form, the water is a little warmer and it's quite nice, especially for the kids.
Around town, there are lot's of little shops, cafe and restaurants. There is a small park and basket ball court too...
Right next to the park there is the Ogunquit Fire Station. Mister M was lucky enough to sit in the truck and drive.  Now, if you know Mister M, then you know that he is not a shy little boy and that he usually gets really excited about things, but for some reason he became so quiet, shy and unsure. Perhaps he was so overwhelmed by the whole experience. I thought for sure he would have jumped of joy, he didn't even smile! 

The Hotel we stayed at is called the Aspinquid, they have a variety of different rooms to choose from. What we love about it, is that it is so close to the beach, just a 5 minute walk, so we didn't need to take a stroller and we could come back for the kids nap! Oh and they have ocean view room, a pool and a tennis court! The kids loved their new home... they kept asking us to go play in their room!
Shopping.... Do you love antiques? Our little family does! All along Route 1, there are many little antique shop with lot's of treasures to find, that's what Mister M calls them! I'll share our treasures later this week!!! Also, if it rains or if you are simply looking for some great deals,  then you need to drive for about 15 min to the Kittery's Outlets... we scored some amazing deals at J Crew, Banana Republic, Levi's and Addidas (those were our favorites).

 Lobster by the Pound... Daddy Cool and I love it at this restaurant, simply because of the lobster and because it's noisy enough that if the kids want to "scream", they won't disturb anyone! What we and the kids love about it, is that you get to pick your lobster, they weigh it and then cook it and bring it to your table. You can either eat inside or outdoors at the picnic tables. They also have lot's of space for the kids to run around while your lobster is being cooked. Now, I call that practical!
 Marginal Way... this is a beautiful path that winds along the rocky shore and will take you from the center of town all the way to Perkins Cove. The view is magnificent! Along the way, there are some stairs that take you down to the beach (only during low tide), they are like private little beaches with lot's of rocks to climb on and full of sea life. We had are own little dance party down there... Mister M wasn't being too cooperative that evening, as might see from the pictures!
You must take the trolley to Perkins Cove. Once you get there you can eat, shop or take a boat trip. We opted not to do a boat trip this year... as it didn't go over so well last year and so we wanted to avoid the drama. And if you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to press on the "button" which rises the brige to let through the sail boats that are too big to pass under it... Guess what? We were lucky this year and Mister M proudly lifted the bridge with his little finger!
York Zoo and Amusement Park.... I strongly recommend not going when the temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit!!!! We've learnt our lesson... We also learnt that Mister M doesn't really care for the Zoo, unless he is feeding the animals and that Miss E loves all kinds of animals and is really good at imitating parrots and monkeys! All Mister M wanted to do was the rides. He still talks about the bumper cars... Surprisingly, he was really good at driving!
On your way in or out of Ogunquit, you MUST stop by Flo's Hot Dogs... the most famous and delicious hot dogs with Mrs Flo's secret sauce. I'm serious you must try it out, I'm not a huge fan of hot dogs, but I crave these all year round and would consider driving 5 hours just to have one!!!! It's kinda hard to find, but it along the Us1... and expect a line up!
The ride home... Don't forget to stop by the New Hampshire Liquor Store for some CRAZY good deals, almost half off the montreal prices! We are lucky enough that it's a nice ride through vermont! Mister M doesn't handle the road to well, he was sick on the way there, but lucky us he slept through a good part of the distance on our way back. It's a good thing I had that ball to help hold his head up... I hate it when the kids fall asleep in the car and their heads hang down to their knees, I can't imagine it to be comfortable nor safe! Do you have any tips to avoid that from happening?
 We had a great time, all in all the kids weren't so bad... they had their moments!!! But all I seem to remember today are the good times!!!!