Miss E's birthday is coming up and I was thinking of having this weeks theme be all about birthday parties... I usually do a lot of research and usually put most of my work on Pinterest, and for some reason this morning my boards are practically empty! Where have all my pins gone???? So instead of doing the work all over, I decided to postpone this weeks theme to the next and keep up with the mishmash theme!

While I was on vacation I got my copy of Milk Kid's Collections, a magazine with many children's designers and photos of their upcoming Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 collections, this is a special issue that comes out twice a year. They also have a children's magazine that comes out every 2 months with the latest news, fun stories, shopping guides and much more. I've been a die hard fan since the first issue came out, back in 2004. I couldn't find it here in Montreal, so whenever I would go to New York I would pick-up a copy or if I knew someone was coming to Montreal from Paris, I would have them bring me a copy... I never missed an issue. Then I got a membership and know I find it in most magazine stores across Montreal. All this to say that I've been a little disappointed in the last couple of months... Milk magazine has an online website now, you are thinking great, right? So am I, but by the time I get my copy of the printed version, they've already showcased most of the content onto their website, so I'm thinking "not so great"! It takes a little while for us north americans to get our copies, a month or more! So now I'm thinking why pay for the magazine, if they put most if not all of the same the content online... But then I do prefer a printed copy!
 My second disappointment is with their "special issue" Milk Kid's Collection. It used to be that you could find up and coming small designers, you would discover brands you hadn't heard off, it would be full of surprises. Now, I find, you get more and more big and established companies and less of indie ones. It's a lot more focused on European designers, whereas before it had a much more of an International selection. I guess they need to make money right? It is a business after all? 
So who's going to come up with the indie designer version of Milk, and how about showcasing some of the amazing American designers, such as Atsuyo et Akiko, Wovenplay or Nelly Stella... just to name a few!
Don't get me wrong, I still loved this special issue and I love that I can see all these amazing collections and I've discovered some great lines... and I can't wait for the next issue to come out, I'm just a little tiny bit disappointed, that's all!

Here is sneak-peak, a preview of what's to come on my blog over the next few months... These are just a few of my favorites, be reassured I will cover these in greater details...