Mister M had the time of his life last night... But why is it that every-time he has toooo much fun, it always ends badly?
Our neighborhood park was hosting a "Movie Night" and Daddy Cool wasn't working late this thursday, so he thought it would be a great idea to bring the kids. The park was filled with goodies for the kids, inflatable games, face painting, and they were even giving out balloons. They had set up a BBQ tent with hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and some really tasty corn on the cob. So we had ourselves a little picnic, Mister M and Miss E sat through their dinner nice and quietly, this would have never happened last year, and that's probably why we didn't go!!!
And then the kids got to try out the inflatable games... Miss E was petrified, so I hung out with her in the field, while Mister M went crazy!We got the kids some Cotton Candy, Miss E almost ate the whole thing on her own, she was covered in blue by the end, I hope that stuff doesn't stain!
Mister M was so excited, so happy, giggling, dancing and singing. He was surprisingly good at staying in line and waiting for his turn. If only you could have seen his face! I've rarely seen him this happy, but then he started getting overly excited, so we decided it was time to settle down and calm down before the movie started... First we got the kids some balloons and then sat in the grass.
I'm pretty sure this event was organized by the day camp they have at the park all summer long. So just before the movie stated they had a slide show with all the camp pictures and some music, the kids were so happy, most of the songs they played are the ones we listen to and dance to everyday... Dynamite, Waving Flag, Rock Party Anthem. So much for calming them down, this hyped up the kids even more, they were dancing and running all over the place.
Then, the worst possible thing in the world happened: Mister M's balloon sword popped! OMG!!! The tears, and the crying and the whining... I promised him I would make him a better one out of fabric or cardboard, that didn't work! I told him, I would buy some new balloons and make him a new one come tomorrow, that didn't work! So we decided to leave before the movie even started, and that made things worse! So I tried to negotiate with Mister M, I told him that if he would stop crying, we would stay and watch the movie for a little while. That worked for about 2 minutes! So we left, so he cried until we got home. Good thing it's a two minute walk! He cried some more at home...and all I'm thinking is " why is it that every time this little boy has so much fun it ends with a crying session?". Is it the adrenaline rush, the endorphin giving him such a high that it can only end with a low? Do you have the same problem? Anyhow, Mister M finally got to bed, and his room is right next to the living room, and after being in there for a few minutes, he yells out (in french of course) "mommy, do you think you can make me a plastic sword tomorrow, I think that it will be more solid!", I smile and say "we'll see, but I promise we will make a sword tomorrow"... Guess what I'm doing after daycare?
It's a good thing we have selective memories and the good ones usually surpass the bad ones. Every time this happens I'm surprised, you would think I would know what to expect by now... Oh what we wouldn't do for our kids! I love you Mister M, I love you no matter what...