The second part of our vacation was spent relaxing and chillin' in our hometown, Montreal... Here are just a few pictures to depict what we did!

We listened to lot's of music...
And so we danced and danced some more! Mister M is quite good at expressing himself with his body, here's one of his contemporary moves! Oh and he loves to watch "So you think you can dance", Mister M and Miss E try to replicate the moves they see on the t.v..... too cute!
Mister M picked some flowers on his neighborhood walks with Daddy Cool...
We played, we played a lot... The kids really enjoyed all the time with their dad.
We swam... I didn't realize we weren't allowed to snap photos at the wading pool! I got caught... Won't do it again, I promise!!! I find the men just hanging around way more creepy... Anyhow!
And we played in the sand... Mister M could spend the whole day doing this!
We had a picnic and played some more at the park... Oh! Did I mention the park is just at the end of our block and it was pretty hot that week!
Mister M and I went to his FIRST movie... We saw Cars 2, in 3D! A first for me too... I didn't realize it was going to be 3-d until we got to the movie theatre. I was a little nervous that Mister M wouldn't keep his classes on and understand why he needed to, I did have to remind him a few times. Is it me or is 3D overrated? We had lot's of fun, ate popcorn and drank 5$ apple juice. Of course we had to run to the bathroom smack in the middle... Mister M was a great sport, he sat through the entire film, but was ready to go home at the end. He didn't seem overly impressed, it was like he had been before!!! What's up with this generation, a little blazé don't you think? And, is it me or was Cars 2 so much more violent than the first, I really wasn't expecting that, with all the gun fire and explosions! I have to say a little disappointed with the movie, but not with the expression on Mister M's face when the lights went out...
The kids and I slept over at my moms, so Daddy Cool could have his buddies over and so he could sleep inn the next day.... We had lot's of fun, and look what Mister M made me for breakfast... eggs, my favorite!
We also went to the Atwater Market, we do that a lot! I'll do a separate post on that tomorrow... Also, Daddy Cool had a full day off, no kids, no wife... we spent that day with my mom! I also got a day off (that's what we call them!), no kids, no husband, no diapers to change, no food to cook... I spent the day with my Lil'Sis in the Mile End... That will also be a separate post for tomorrow! Let see what else, we did some major reorganizing in our home, a lot less fun, but it feels good to move and changes things up sometimes! Oh and lot's of almost took the whole week to get unpacked from Ogunquit!
Don't forget to check tomorrows posts... lot's of fun around town!