There are those brands I like, then there are the ones I love, but once in a while there comes a brand that really inspires. I love the styles, the fabrics, the color choices and their combinations, as well as the styling and the photo shoots... and Caramel Baby & Child is one of those brands! They never cease to amaze me, every season is better than the last! I had a hard time choosing which pictures to showcase, you must check out there website for the full collection... If you're wondering Caramel is based in London, however they sell online and they offer international shipping.

There are so many cute clothing lines for girls out there, but when it comes to the boys, I always find it to be a little trickier! Sometimes it's too many graphics, a little too girly or simply too fashionable. I find Caramel has found just the right balance, classic with a twist without being too twisted!!! I love how they played with the colors, the textures and their use of proportions. Now if only I could win the lottery, or perhaps this is where I can spend my first paycheck next week!!! One thing for sure is that I will definitely be inspired by this lookbook this fall!