A couple of weeks ago I shared with you one of my favorite blogs Lula Honey... Well it so happens that I entered a giveaway, and believe it or not, I or should I say Miss E, won!!!! She scored some really cute velvety violet shorts from Mundo Melocoton. Thank you Lula Honey... we love them!!!!

Oh and I started using Instagram, check out the result....

Miss E is wearing some  Old Navy flip-flops and hat (both Mister M's),  with a vintage Vera scarf , a handmade & hand embroidered mexican shirt, that my mom brought back from San Miguel De Allende. Some Mundo Melocoton shorts and a Hello Kitty bag. 

Miss E and her new favorite bear... I thought he was put in a giveaway pile! I don't know why she loves him so much, maybe because he is blue, or perhaps it's because he is wearing a kippa... Anyhow, he had to sit in his own seat and every time he fell, I'd have to sit him back up. Needless to say,  it took us a little longer than expected to pick Mister M from daycare!!!!