So on sunday we are off to Ogunquit, Maine for a small vacation by the beach and so it got me thinking about all the things you need to take on a trip with kids. So this weeks theme is "on the go". So what is the first thing you need when you travel? Besides a destination... a suitcase! Do your kids have their own luggage? Or does the whole family share? Do you like your suitcases to be practical or cute?
Here are some of my favorite children's luggage for when your on the go go go....

The TRUNKI.... I kinda like the idea of this suitcase, it's got cute graphics and the kids can sit on it while you are waiting around... However, I can already see myself running around after Mister M and loosing my marbles. So this is a must, if you have nice, quiet kids that listen and obey! Check their other products, like the portable booster/backpack.

SAMSONITE : When I think luggage, the first brand that comes to mind is Samsonite. Did you know they had a children range of luggage? The "Funny Face"series... my favorite is the panda!

MAX TOY luggage on eBags: I saw another really cool car shaped suitcase, but it seems to be sold out (too bad it was wayyy cooler), so I found this one instead... Mister M would go crazy for this, first he has a thing for suitcases and then he's really into his cars! How cute is the lunch bag?

How about some fabric suitcases... I'm not sure how practical these are, but they are so darn cute and light weight. So if it's for a sleepover or a car trip, I'm all for it!!!! Or just use it as a storage box in your kids room...

ETHIC BAG: Look how lovely and eco-friendly... All of their products are made from organic cotton!

LALÉ: this brand uses the nicest fabric combinations ever.... I love everything they create, the bedding, the accesories, bean bags... you name it, I love it!

How about some vintage suitcases.... Miss E has a set of three, made in japan, cherry red suitcases... We use them whenever we travel by car or to go to Nanou (her grandma) for a sleepover.

Vintage suitcase from GONE FUNKY:

From ETSY: there are over 1600 choices of vintage suitcases on etsy! Here are my favorite for the kids...
Black Bird Antiques NC

Good Merchants


Waikiki Kitsch