So I've been thinking a lot about what I was going to put in the kids suitcase for our little vacation on the beach. Oh boy, is it ever complicated! Lat year I ended up under packing for the kids and over packing for me... Hopefully this year I'll get it right! Lucky us, we are traveling by car and we have a huge trunk!!! But I can't even imagine having to travel by plane... So let's see what is there not to forget: the stroller, the beach toys, the cooler, the "parasol"(is their an english word for this), the diapers, the wipes, the bottles, the sunscreen, the snacks, the hats and the towels, oh and the clothes! So what do you bring on holidays? Will it rain, will it get cold, will it be too hot to handle? So many questions... Am I over thinking this???? Perhaps just a little, and it's not like we are going in the middle of nowhere, worse case we can go to the outlets and shop. Maybe, I should under pack, then we'll definitely HAVE to do some shopping!!!!!

So here are some items I wish I had in Miss E's and Mister M's suitcases from some of my favorite online stores...

from Smallable:
Swimsuit by Krama by K,
for Miss E
Blouse by Ketiketa,
for Miss E
Marchant D'Étoiles Boxer shorts for Mister M
Coolest T-shirt ever by Zozoï, for Mister M

Littl by Lilit Scarfs with bells, that way you never loose your kids... 

Whimsical Super Sky skirt
for Miss E  
Awesome Tee by Nico Nico
for Miss E

Tuss Tunic To ... for Mister M
How cool is this Atsuyo et Akiko T,
Mister M loves his "Tourne Eiffel"...
Note to myself, must buy this!
SWEATER for Mister M, for chilly nights, by 
Wovenplay swimming trunks for Mister M

Must have PomPom necklace
to accessorize any of Miss E's
outfits by Les Poms Poms de Violette
Bobo Chose jersey playsuit for Miss E,
perfect for getting to the beach!

Salt Water sandals, for Him or Her...

Sweatshirt by Nico Nico for those cool night for Miss E
Lovely dress by Honey for going to dinner
 for Miss E of course!
Kid's Case rain coat... we never now!
for Mister M
Talc zipup vest, how cool
for Mister M