Liberty print & a moustache... LOVE! photo via Bet Companie

The liberty print is always a favorite amongst kid designer, I find! It's so classic and beautiful. The liberty print has evolved  since the 1800's, it has become much more than just cute little flowers, it consist of modern shapes and forms, with funky colors and patterns. The French & the English excel at using these prints in their collections. One of my favorite children's brand, Bonpoint, always finds a way to incorporate the flower print in their collections, season after season. Also, whenever I'm thrifting, I always keep an eye out, specially in the fabric department. Here's a round up of this season's and past season's (vintage finds) of the flower print, small and big...



Capelet by Mette on Etsy

Anais and I

Anniel on Smallable

Isobel et Nathalie on Etsy

Little Paul & Joe
Smock vintage dress on Belle Heir
Vintage vest at Vintage Alchemy 333 on Etsy

Vintage 70's bathing suit at Odd Past Vintage on Etsy
1950s Flower burst dress sz 18-24 months, 2t
Vintage 50's dress from Salvage House on Etsy
For the BOYS
Baby Susu

Swimming trunks by Hartford

liberty shirt by Polarn O. Pyret

Lucky Fish on Nonchalant Mom
guitar by Olivelse



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