When you get sunshine on the weekend, you are bound to find some garage sales just about anywhere in the city, including in my neighborhood... I didn't have to go to far to finds these awesome items: they all came from my street! Can't wait to see what else I find this summer!

For the kids...
Vintage Moccasins...when I think I was going to buy new ones!
handmade pull toy

Scary, but the kids love him!
Handmade Lion costume, too kitsch!
Even the dolls got some awesome outfits!!!
Vintage Small leather bag for Miss E.

For Me...
They were like bran new... I've worn them quite a bit already!!!
Beat Find EVER... 2$ for an Isabel Marrant sweater!!! I was, and still am so happy.  Almost can't wait for Winter!
Vintage boots... in my size!
Vintage leather bag... I'm still trying to figure out how to hold it! Looks better in real life...
 For the Home...
Vintage pose doll... she hangs with us in our living room. How sweet is her little face!

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