Are you in Montreal July 9th and 10th? Yes! Great, then you must come to the SWAP: Take off your Clothes Montreal event. Now you're thinking what on earth? Yes! Come and give your earth a little love by swapping some clothes... What is yours is mine, right? This is a clothing swapping event where you basically bring 10 clothing items, that are clean and new looking (including shoes and accessories) and in exchange you get 10 items of your choice. The entrance fee is 10$ for anyone older than 12. What a bargain, thrift stores don't have such amazing deals!!!! And any left over clothing will be donated to Fripe-Prix Renaissance. 

Do you know that this event has been going on since 2007, and that 23,000+ items have been swapped, 21,000+ items were donated to charities, and that 44,000+ items were kept out of our landfills … and counting! Oh! and it's a non-profit enterprise and is entirely run by volunteers.

Their mission:

1. Provide good quality clothing to charities, who then use the clothes for their local community programs
2. Provide communities with an alternative to new clothing consumption (e.g., 
collaborative consumption)
3. Promote eco-friendly and socially conscious clothing consumption
4. Develop upcycled items from used clothing, textiles and waste materials from the garment industry (check out our sister project, 
Style & Conscience)
So where will you be Saturday, July 9  from 1:00PM – 6:00PM or Sunday, July 10 from 12PM – 5:00PM?
I know I'll be at la PLACE DES ARTS – GRAND FOYER CULTUREL (INDOORS), right in downtown Montreal!!! See you there!