So when is it the right time to teach your kids to knit? With a bit of searching and some helpful tips from my cousin Christine (check out her Facebook page

Christa Tricot

), it would seem that 6 years old is the magic number! Guess what? The best way to start is with your fingers... yup, no needles needed! This will get your children familiar with the yarn and the whole concept. Then you can switch to needles...

Here are some useful tips...

For finger knitting, there are some really helpful website and videos to show you how to get started:

For some french instructions:

Le tricot aux doigts, c'est un jeu d'enfant!



If you are not into videos (like me!) for some easy to follow photo instructions go to



For a realy cute and super easy DIY project... make a jump rope from recycled socks on 

Family Fun


You can also start with a Knitting Nancy... that's how I started! You can find these in any craft store!

Check out this website...

Wayne's This and That

:  it's all about knitting nancies, they show you how to get started... and try making your own:

Or buy a kit...

Alex Toys:

 always has crafty kits of all kinds...

Find this bear kit on


Now to get you started with needles, what you should know:

- Start with some wood needles, they are less likely to slip.

- Use some larger needles... at least 4mm.

- Try using 2 different color needles, so the kids can differentiate between their left and right more easily.

- Use acrylic wool... it's easier to knit and less expensive! But if you prefer the natural stuff, start with wool.

- Use light color yarn... easier again.

- Teach your kids these rhymes:

for the knit stitch

In through the front door,

Once around the back,

Peek through the window,

And off jumps Jack!

for the purl stitch

Down through the bunny hole,

Around the big tree,

Up pops the bunny,

And off goes she!

- Have lot's of patience and don't fuss over mistakes!

Look how cute this kit is... this would make such a cute gift!


Most importantly... HAVE FUN!!!!