Skull Cave by Our Children's Gorilla
I don't know too many boys or girls that don't want to be a Rock Star... Mister M is obsessed with his guitars, drum kit, microphone, harmonica, the list goes on... He won't go to sleep without his Gamma Go guitar pillow and we need to hide his electronic guitar he spotted at garage sale, it drives us crazy! So here are some cool rock inspired items to decorate your kids rooms or yours!!!!
Vinyl Bowls from Etsy seller Mosaichick
P.S. these are really easy to make!
Guitar shelf by Rocket
Skull Wooden box by Acne Jr
MP3 Player at PBteen

Plush Guitars by Grateful Thread
Boom Box Pillow by Gamma Go
Skull Chair by Nouvelle Vague
Album frames by Urban Outfitters
Vinyl Clock by Pavel Sidorenko
Guitar neck wall decals from Etsy by Vinyl Wall Accentst
 Guitar Pillow Cover from Etsy by The House of Sparrows
Wannabe amp speaker from PBteen

Pavel Sidorenko

Headphone book ends by PBteen