photo via Decopeques
Well, it's been raining all day and it will be raining some more tomorrow too, so I thought wouldn't it be nice to bring the outdoors indoors! Here are some nice "outdoorsy" elements to decorate your little ones room... 

Wall sticker "Measuring Plant" by Domestic
Bring the campfire indoors with this felt creation from Etsy seller  Neafus
I think I might try to make my own, I love this idea and it looks so comfy! Livingstones by Smarin
This climbing tree is pretty cool, I don't think it's being produced yet... via  MicraMakaroni

Climb Mount Everest right in your room, or just sit on it! Thank you Little Red Stuga
Fall asleep with your favorite wildlife from LeSouk
How cute are these Log pillows from Etsy seller Bebe Moon
Light a fire every night with the Fire Kit lamp from Skitsh

A tree becomes a book becomes a tree via designArtist Shawn Soh 
 I love this coat hanger also from Skitch

Swing indoors with the ME&U 
Mushroom lamp from Bonton Bazaar

Another coat hanger, this one is from Land of Nod
Too bad this fish sleeping bag is no longer available
source: Odeedoh

How about this sleeping bag? Too bad it's not being produced...  by artist Eiko Ishizawa  
Need a little inspiration for a DIY project?  Look what you can do with some branches... Sweet! I love it... I think might try this in Miss E's room. And how great are these colors, kelly green and turquoise, one of my favorite color combinations!!!

photo via Flickr
photo via The Boo and the Boy