Dagmar Daley
Ahhhh, summer is officially here! So to kick off the summer season, I thought I'd share my favorite girly girl swimsuits... What kind of swimwear do you like? Do you prefer the  one piece, the tankini, the bikini, or the monokini (just the underwear)? Up until what age do you think a little girl can wear only the bottom of her bikini? Does it depend in which country you are vacationing in? Well, Miss E is 22 months old, and I love the monokini  look. As a general rule, I find the bikini can look a little ridiculous on a baby or a toddler, but of course it all depends on the bikini (any of the ones below are more than OK!!!). I also have an issue with the one piece, that is until the kid is fully potty trained. Have you ever tried taking a wet bathing suit off and changing a diaper on the beach? Not for me, not again!!!!
Flora et Henri
Emile et Ida at Smallable
Agnes Valentine
Mini Boden
Onda Mar


Lili and the Funky Boys
April Showers
Anaïs and i
Little Marc Jacobs

Emile et Ida at Smallable