Worn Free is this really cool t-shirt company that reproduces vintage t-shirts that were once worn by rock-stars. They have a variety of tee's for woman, man and even a few for kids. Here are of the t-shirts using only lettering...

So I got inspired and decided make my own wannabe rock-star tee for Mister M & Miss E.  Are your kids at that age where they just don't want to take pictures, they just don't want to be cooperative. I've gotten really good at tricking them... bribing and rewards is a great way to get them to pose! Just kidding!!! Seriously, I try to make a game out of it, and most of the time I finally get them to participate...

This could be the easiest DYI project ever...
Oh! and this would make a great last minute Fathers day gift too...

What you need:
- T-shirt
- Iron-On letters
- Iron & ironing board
- Press Cloth
- Scissors
- Some inspiring words!!!

1. First things first: if you are using a new t-shirt.... WASH IT! Don't use fabric softeners, or dryer sheets, or detergents with softeners.

2. Get some Iron- On letters or Glitter letters... You can find these at the Dollar Store or at any Craft store.

3. Choose the word you want to put on your tee... The internet can be a great source of inspiration, or just check out the Worn Free website for some "Rock N' Roll" inspiration... I chose "NO PICTURES", a t-shirt worn by Debbie Harry.

4. Cut out your letters... Cut pretty close to the edge and try leaving the amount of space around all of your letters, that way when you place them upside down they will be aligned.
5. Place your t-shirt on your ironing board (hopefully wrinkle free), then place your letters on your t-shirt facing up, that way you can visualize and place them to your liking...
Here's a little trick: if the word doesn't fit in a straight line, then try putting it on a curve, you'll be able to fit in a longer word that way!
6. Turn your letters over, with the adhesive side down.
7. Preheat your iron on high, with no steam.
8. Using a press cloth, firmly press your iron on the letters for approximately 20-30 seconds. DO NOT DO THE IRONING MOTION (side to side), only PRESS down!

9. Let cool completely and then peel off VERY SLOWLY ( sometimes you need to repeat the ironing steps, because the letters don't stick!).
10. Turn t-shirt inside out and iron again... et Voilà!!!!
Here are some tips when washing your tees: turn inside out and machine wash on your gentle cycle! Also if you want to iron your tee, NEVER directly on the lettering, always turn the t-shirt inside out!!!!

11. Enjoy and take lot's of pictures of your kids ...