You make me dizzy Miss Lizzy,

The way you rock'n'roll.

You make me dizzy Miss Lizzy,

When you do the stroll.

Come on, Miss Lizzy,

love me 'fore I grow too old.

(song by the Beatles)

I was really buzzy today with all these DIY projects... In total I did 2 "No Pictures" T-shirts, then I did a MO'ROCKIN T-shirt, 

but it didn't turn out so great (so no tutorials on that one) and in the mean time I did this awesome bleached out denim vest for Miss "Lizzy"  (that might be Miss E new nick name!). Also, I did Daddy Cool's fathers day gift (hopefully he wont read this tonight!). Did I mention I cleaned the kitchen, took care of the kids, cooked and did some laundry... Wow, I'm pretty proud of myself!!!! I'm not usually this productive... 

What you need:

- A jean jacket, the darker the better

- Scissors

- Bucket or some kind of a container

- Water (tap is fine!!!)

- Most importantly.... BLEACH

- Spray bottle (optional)

- String or rubber bands

I strongly recommend wearing something you don't care about  and you can even use some rubber gloves. I also suggest doing this in the bath tub...

1. Find a jean jacket you're willing to "destroy" and start by cutting off the sleeves right at the edge of the double topstitch.

2. Make a ball and tie it up with some string or rubber bands. The tighter you wrap your jacket, the more of a tye-dye effect you will get, with more dark and light spots. My jacket 

 was a little stiff, so the result aren't as pronouced because it was hard to put it in a really tight ball.

3. Find a container big enough for your jacket to fit in comfortably. Fill it with the same quantity of bleach and water. The more bleach you put, the stronger the whitening effect will be. Don't fill your container to the top, fill it about half way, because once you put the jacket in it, the liquid level will rise quickly. 

4. Put your jacket in the container. 

If the jacket isn't fully covered, that is even better! It will create more variety in your bleach effect. Let it soak... Flip it around... let it soak... Until you think the color is light enough.

5. For some added bleach effects, you can poor some bleach directly on your jacket, in random areas. This will lighten those spots even faster...

6. Untie... and if you want more bleach effect try spraying the jacket with a water/bleach solutions in random areas and wait some more...I did!

6. Rinse really well and wash & dry. I recommend washing it with some white towels. Just to be on the safe side, I recommend putting another white wash in your machine, to get rid of any left over bleach.

7. Decorate your jacket if you like... I added some pin and brooches I had. Wear proudly... Miss "Lizzy" sure did! 

P.S. this skirt is a size 5-6 and make a perfect size 2 maxi skirt!

And Mister M in his MO'ROCKIN T