With Father's Day just around the corner, I figured I would do a Daddy Cool theme this week. And since our Daddy Cool, happens to work at Steve's Music, well I decided to make my Rock n' Roll theme as well!!! Hence the title,  Daddy Cool loves Rock n' Roll... Since it's monday, here are cute  and rockin styles for your girly girl...
Rock n Roll

From Left to right:
1.T-Shirt by Mini & Maximus 
2. Denim Jacket by Isabel Marrant at Smallable
3. Star shoes by Anniel at Smallable
4. Studded  bracelet by Petibo
5. Stripe tee by Agnes B. at Little Fashion Gallery
6. Girl Tee by Chinche 
7. Undies by Baby Version Rock
8. T-shirt and shorts by Zadig et Voltaire
9. Tye Dye Shorts by Munster Kids
10. Vintage studded converse by  Petibo
11. Fringe dress by  Petibo
12. Denim shorts with suspendors by Chinche 
13. Rock sweatshirt by Zadig et Voltaire
14. Light blue bamboo skinny jeans by Notify at  Smallable
15. Kids Skninny Leggings at American Apparel