This week is going to be extra special.... This really great blog, Elsie Marley, has created KCWC which stands for Kids Clothes Week challenge. Basically, anyone who wants to participate can, all you have to do is commit to sew 1 hour a day for seven days... and only for your kids. And, I decided I would participate!!!! I'm sew sew crazy!
Now I know you are thinking that this is going to be easy for me... but to tell you the truth I hardly ever sew for me or my kids and so, this will motivate me to make some of the things I've been wanting to do for a long time now. And for those who don't sew... no worries, you will be taken care of!
FOR DAY ONE... I have researched and  chosen the styles I am going to create and selected my fabric, as well as washed and iron it... tomorrow will be sew very exciting!!!
If you are interested, you too can accept the challenge, it's never too late! So check it out at! (don't you love the name!!!!!)