Day 3 of KCWC... Well it's 8PM and my work day isn't over! Needless to say, I haven't even had an hour to eat, so even less to sew!!! I'm really upset, I failed miserably at this challenge and it's just not like me! However, tomorrow is the big day for the High School fashion show I've been working on for month (I'll show photos as soon as I have some). And I still have some things to finish up... So, yes I will be sewing for an hour (or more) just not for my kids! But I haven't given up just yet, I figure I will sew for two hours tomorrow, and two or more on friday! Since, I have nothing to show for, I decided to post my children's clothing line catalogue:  Laïla b. I previously showed some pictures and I had promised to show the whole line... So here it is!!!! Enjoy,  it's my last collection (sniff!) and available only at Faon, here in Montreal.laila b