So it's day 7 of KCWC... I think I did o.k. in the end! 6 out of 7 days, I sewed for at least an hour for my kids, and ended up with 5 items. I seriously thought I would be able to make a lot more, I had plans of making Mister M some shorts and a shirt, and for Miss E, I was going to make her a bathing suit, some bloomers and a hat. I won't give up and I'll keep on sewing at least 1 hour a week for my Kids and maybe even me! I haven't made myself anything in years... I'm on a roll now!

Today, I made Miss E some linen sarouel shorts. This time I did not make the pattern myself, I took it from one of my favorite sewing books: Itemporels pour bébés. I did modify the pant pattern and made it into a cuffed sarouel short and I added a waistband ( I couldn't keep it simple, just not my style!). Astrid Le Provost has written many other books... Personally I cannot wait to get my hands on the book entitle "Contes de fées Intemporels". This books shows you how to make "classic"princess & knight costumes and much much more. The books are in french, but if you know how to sew just a little, it is really simple to follow!

There also is a blog called "

Je Couds Citronille

", here you find a bunch of photos, tricks and help for sewing your outfits. And if you do not want to buy the books, you can get a few patterns, as well as fabric & yarn, on their website,